Lucky trackable Rune Cubes and Gift Cubes

Welcome to RuneCube.com

The trackable cubes that are fun to give.    We have Santa Cubes, Rune Cubes and other cubes..


If you just got a cube for the first time  Register for FREE login first.

You can get a lucky cube, register it here, and give it to someone for them to have luck. They then repeat the same steps.

You will get notified any time any of the cubes that you are tracking moves. We will send you an update whenever a new person registers themselves as the current owner of the cube.

You can also upload a photo of you, and/or the cube so you can show off where it has been. Each person who has registered the cube before can see your new photo.

You can also see a map of where the cube has been... And its last known location... (Or, at least, where the last person who registered it said they were.)   Note: The cubes do not contain any kind of tracking device inside... Each time someone registers it we will ask for their location.